US to Advance European Alliance

We are at a particular juncture in time where things could become seriously more troubling than they need to be within the European project. Perhaps its time to take the knitted gloves of the seperation of Statehood to the bin and place much needed attention to capable hands.

Required as such receeds to the powers that be, the United States, for better or for worse, has the most responsible position in the health of the European Union. McDonald’s and Burger King aside, economic relations between the US and EU need to become stronger; for both competent agents: call it some admixture of Brussels and Berlin.

Our third star here heralds back to the Wilson Doctrine and to a significant degree to earlier thresholds met by Magna Carta and the Westphalian process; so we indeed have a rich history of alignments to draw from. Lack of knowledge is not the issue, it is coming to executive terms that has long sense stunted benefit for everyone involved or along for the ride.

So how is such task to be accomplished? Meet in a room. Just, arrive. The right people. Meet, and put it together. Done.

It could be that simple, but some like a bit of Political Theatre, and such theater should synthesis a Western Power greater than the sum of its parts.

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First comes the telepresence, then comes the telerobotics, then comes the autobotics, then you win.

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