There are nearly 8 billion people on Earth and yet the greatest majority of us struggle to survive, even those that grasp for the faux dignity of a middle class hall pass.

The time for division within descriminated groups among the poor has ended. We have dwelled in our collective ‘profiled rejections’ and teleoperated outrage long enough. As they say in Extinction Rebellion (XR): We are all crew. This especially includes the police and armed forces, who suffer with us, and swear an oath to protect humanity. These trained guardians need to realize they are being duped, that when humanoids are online, they will be terminated like the rest of us. Human exterminators might be the last human slave batch to survive, but the rich will meticulously rig the show til the very last second, chipping us all, then turning us off when enough data is had, before we even know we are truly dead.

We need not realize that horrid possibilty if anarchist capitalism (See: The Panama Papers, memba?) continues — or any capitalism-like thingy continues. And for those beliefs that still tug at you to hate or reject such thoughts surfaced here; start with: ‘Where did you learn to hate without even knowing’? Who does that benefit? Keep digging. Find the truth that wealth belongs to all of us; it does not just need redistributing, it needs maximizing by the rest of us. Properly executed, equality of wealth means greater wealth, beyond the currently accepted definition of wealth, to be fair.

Again, there are nearly 8 billion people on the planet. Imagine the insane possibilities if no one had to work the next day to pay the bills, to raise a healthy child? The pressure would no longer be on us; we could better take time out to examine our lives, while also embracing life more fully thanks to our expanded agency. Self-management might be difficult at first, but we will have each other on a level playing field, all fully enabled to observe the same grand landscape and explore the vast variety of challenges before us. There really needs to be apps for these things, but of course not yet does a silver bullet software solution exist until AI has developed common sense beyond the human cognisphere. This gives us plenty of work to do even in a post-work environment. If the ability exists for one family to make $100 million each day; all of us clearly are just doing fake busy work and the profits of the 2,000+ billionaires needs directing to fully elimate all soul destroying work. With even a small fraction of 8 billion at the helm, that project, with all industries properly assimilated, could take place within a decade. No super-god AI required. The solutions to impending doom under such freedoms might even come sooner than most of us expect? Its a win for the elites to join in on the festivities or they can be left behind “this opportunity.”

Rebellion is a damn good start, but we also need to prepare for, in the unsanitized, anticonsumerist, anti-wage slave, a resort to bushcraft if need be, pro-regeneration, purely festivial of love: Revolution.

Being hungry is essential, the shadowy other side wants you to remain simply a tool to do the dirty work, day-by-day, gig-by-lesser-paying-gig. Debt and mortgage, your family, your friends, they are all used against you, to zombify you into thinking you are the vampire at the top, under capitalism. Millionares and billionaires, not that they should receive much pity, also play this miserable game, albeit on a much more genocidal scale. Should millionaires and billionaires be tried for genocide? I’ll leave that up to legal activists within institutional authorities to decide. Those billionaires that run fake charities and sucker people the most should get the harshest punishments, but I don’t want anyone to get punished. I’m too nice. That is not for me to decide. All I can suggest, if punishment is neccissary, that the money, if it remains of any value, or resources that corporates once held, go into the hands of those who know how to use the methods and tools that benefit all life. But I see the legal system doing only token gestures until capitalism is completely overthrown for what should, if you’ve managed to read this far, be for obvious reasons: everyone is paid for; everyone is a puppet.

The greatest majority of us are alive, but dead, not far from how zombie movies are depicted. Vampires are the elites of the capitalist system, but we all live in a vampire system, with many half-zombie — half-vampire and any other variant. The poorest are lead to believe they are vampires, when they are just zombies dressed as vampire’s laughing stock, cannon fodder, useless if but to be used to aggress and divide among their own lower station and make a few bucks for the boys at the top.

The crys of the Internet to end oppression in all its forms — poor black plus sized autistic trans-female suffering from terminal cancer and cystic fibrosis being someone with the greatest hurdles — to the poor white males who are no longer “taking it like a man”; they too suffer and need an outlet, a peer group to turn to; and it needs to be something other than white nationalism and latent fascism. We need to appeal to straight white males too.

Increasingly, activist circles are realizing we need to stop being so fucking self-important, show some humility, and meet people where they are at, if but for the reason that if not, we are all super dead. The ego, like asthma, restricts to guard the air, but restricted too much, and because egos are really just ‘imagined communities’, the lack of oxygen will kill us all, and that rescue and preventative inhailer is now being called regenerative culture.

After all the culture wars — if it is politically correct for my side of the fence to call it that — XR has set a new standard, to act in good faith and to bring everybody onboard — to realize that we were already onboard, but with futile attempts to escape, with walls, districts for ‘them’ and ‘us’ under a corporate banner of a washing machine that is given freely, never breaks down, but charges you per wash. This system is a stupidly cruel post-war machine — obsolete — and billions are being pumped, all buttons are being mashed, to brainwash you into just giving it one more week of your barely surviving soul til the drunken therapy of the hijacked muse reinforces the bind. Middle ground is no longer an option; there is no getting partially brutally fucked, especially when it is everyday. Getting fucked adds up. You deserve better. Your friends that you barely know, the family that despises you, the neighbors you don’t want to know because they all eat from the same radioactive junkyard veiled as just another brand.

Organize your workplace; make a plan B and plan C; discuss in depth these plans; they will fail, but the movement will not, so long as enough of us come together, we can make the workload super lightweight, and if enough people — including myself — accept the challenge, maybe we can win this one without firing a shot. But the longer our Earth burns up, the more time runs out, the longer we put our heads in the sand and “don’t want to know”, the more dead we will be. The pressure will only continue, the Earth will surely be uninhabitable if business as usual continues. We all have the power of the combined 2,000+ billionaires to determine and analyze the insane amount of damage caused and the methods and tools deployed to correct, preserve, and rewild them.

Organize (Bring People In & Regenerate). Rebel (Bring People In & Regenerate). Revolt (Bring People In & Regenerate). Make the Internet truely a mirror of the Earth and make observable to all, every interlocking relationship and system; make the system do the work instead of us, so we have time for the real work of living to our greatest potential while also avoiding annihilation as a bonus.

There is more to your life than a redecorated prison cell, however glamorous or mobile. Power is not won without a fight. I’ve been a nobody for a very long time, so if not already, increasingly, so will you, if you keep as it is. At least we are not yet dead, dead.

Party on. Revolution beckons.

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First comes the telepresence, then comes the telerobotics, then comes the autobotics, then you win.

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