Remarks on the Uprising

People on all sides are fiercely saying the other is wrong, blaming groups and actions. Tremendous mistakes are being made on all fronts, but it should be clear this is the system setting everyone up to make them. One is supposed to want to believe what one is doing is right because tradition says it must be so.

Once one understands the nature of indoctrination and ideology it is difficult to be fooled for long. Each side is breaking the law because that law was never intended to protect the public good, so we’ve finally arrived at a breaking point where people enamored by sheer desperation are just out for themselves. Our children, and hopefully enough of us adults, will learn the lessons that a new system must overtake the old. We will build it.

But now is not the time to build. It is the time to fight and gain further clarity in how badly we got conned. The reactionaries and demonstrators make clear that no one really mattered; no one really does, that’s how property over people works. Those blaming the demonstrators are going to have the greatest difficulty in accepting the changes that will come for the benefit of everyone, whether they like it or not; more people are coming to grips with who they are, how the world works, and what they need to be to change it for the better; and that’s very much a good thing.

What a show!


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Nathan Cravens

First comes the telepresence, then comes the telerobotics, then comes the autobotics, then you win.