Reclaiming the streets, for the fun of it

Common sense should tell you having a bad attitude is toxic to whatever outcome you hope to achieve. In the current climate, demonstrations are increasing, heightening frustrations and continuing the divide such activities would intend otherwise.

One barrier to an alternate form of protest is the majority of individuals involved do not completely reject the majority of foundations the society is based on, compounded by the fact individual core identity is grounded in personal relationships also based on similar faults. In other words, the web of pleasing or meeting the standards of friends and family is the primary reason more radical and innovative demonstrations do not turn into the seeds of a more mutually benefital community — at least more quickly than most of us would like.

Seeing the end near and leaving my post as Occupy Librarian afront St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, I returned to being a recluse, developing my love of music, learning production skills mostly by YouTube, while mixing it up with non-fiction book reading and occasional writings like these.

Fortunately, more recently, I ran into two winning combinations to help treat my hermititis: a bicycle and sound amplifyer with battery power. Just add an Internet connected mobile device and African hand-drum, and the results, with the right location and appropriate music choices, becomes an instant positively transformed environment: an otherwise drab street becomes a dance floor. The results so far have been very encouraging; and after every session I feel uplifted.

Next, I will test the concept of Street Cinema, by setting up in a cozy location to watch movies with free popcorn. This will mean an addition to the arsenal: bike trailer and popcorn maker, with additional battery power.

The 60s caravanning phenomena that struck both the US and UK could see a resurgence if activities like street performance continues to invigorate protest, eventually becoming more a mass play-theater, or sort of Marti Gras-lite, with chill and maker zones throughout.

It will be thrilling to see the Merry Pranksters of the 21st century come to life to finally finish what that generation started. Nurturing simple tools like the bicycle and amp, the revolution can be won by all of us.

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First comes the telepresence, then comes the telerobotics, then comes the autobotics, then you win.

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