Reasserting Political Economy: The Two Functions

Nathan Cravens
1 min readJul 7, 2020

Scientists and other experts need the legal authority to intervene in industrial processes that damage the environment or lack the benefit to human flourishing. We need an international agreement among institutions, perhaps through the World Trade Organization, allied with other international institutions, to bring online a public resource management platform. We may call this a return to political economy, whereby the processes within the economy are returned to the scrutiny of the citizens it serves.

To help simplify and provide a starting approach to systemic complexities, we can address what we might call the two functions, which may involve separate but interlinked institutions to be further analyzed and simplified for public engagement.

The Two Functions of Political Economy

Executive — Knowledge from observational analysis informs decision making

Observable — Scientists and other experts in related fields continually map the world and processes within it

These two functions address:

Social / Communal — Sentiment analysis can alert responsible experts to change process to ensure human well being

Personal — Here the system can address the particular needs of individuals and families

Written elsewhere is an outline of one model addressing the executive function, The Federated Council: A Brief Framework. For the observable function, which may overtime no longer require a council or overly formal format to make executive decisions, see Proposing A Public Resource Management System for Loomio.



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