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  • Ian Tremblay

    Ian Tremblay

    I don't always tweet, but when I do, it's usually something cool. Or to win a contest.

  • David Bellisario

    David Bellisario

    Founder at Hardware Pioneers and Hardware Academy

  • klimov alexander

    klimov alexander

    Head of Frigate Ecojet program.

  • David Delahunty

    David Delahunty

    Award Losing Designer. Growth Hacker (I hack trees). Many Fingers in Many Pies (Currently on a diet). The Pied Piper of Social Media.

  • Michael Pitluk

    Michael Pitluk

    Music producer. Avid learner.

  • Talent Hunt

    Talent Hunt

    Helping small businesses become more successful by providing access to the best talent.

  • Luke Wilson-Mawer

    Luke Wilson-Mawer

    Technical startup guy. @peerindex, ex Garlik, ex Gamesys. Working on this: http://bit.ly/1KuIfl1

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