After the Constitution: Contemplating Robotic Armies

I suppose it was only a matter of time, after writing manifesto after manifesto, to finally dip into constitutional writing. My unique angle in the world gets a small group of people interested and I am very grateful that they have the time to read my work, that it inspires their own, but I also think: we’re in a global fucking meltdown with action needed decades ago. Hence, the robot army. Let’s explore what that might entail.

DARPA is the first research group that comes to mind. They want to create the perfect soldier and so by doing, in time, replacing the soldier. This should begin to disturb most people with the usual references of Terminator and Skynet, but my concern is that the Davos elite will create robot armies to defend themselves and leave the rest to starve, similar to the film Elysium, leaving everyone to starve.

I suppose it is then time to remind oneself that many great projects are in motion to fight for living with Earth’s boundaries, such as those working at the consulting firm Metabolic. Its organizations like these, with the big picture approach that give me the greatest hope. The political situation may be dire, but it just has to get far worse, apparently, before anything is done about it, and in my view, we need experts in power to fix the problems, which is why I went through the insanity of writing a Constitution in order to give my little group of nerds some teeth.

So its the proven knowledgeable and able to do the job who should do it and once done, let everyone have the toys, in gracious open source fashion. This will all be taken for granted of course, it will seem so obvious when it does take place, we can have a good chuckle and finally throw a massive nerd party.

I’d go to that one, dancing among droids and humans at the Chaos Computer Club in Berlin. Ye haw!


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Nathan Cravens

First comes the telepresence, then comes the telerobotics, then comes the autobotics, then you win.